I began this campaign out of fear that our country and our state was slipping dangerously close to points of no return:  a point where the state loses forever in the competition for quality jobs and quality of life; a point where today’s government spending robs the state’s newest and future generations of its freedoms and opportunities; a point where regulation, litigation and taxation kill the American entrepreneurial spirit; a point where workers and contributors are outnumbered and overruled by takers.

But as I researched and worked to find solutions, I discovered that our path is not predetermined to failure.  We are not in the sunset of our time in history.  Indeed, we have the ability and opportunity to outshine not only our neighboring states but also all states, and be a leader in job development, in job creation and in attracting quality, responsible corporate employers.  The opportunity is there, but we must act.  

To take advantage of this opportunity, we need to review and insure each regulation has more benefits than burdens – and that each one has a sunset clause.  And we need to bring merit-based solutions and opportunities to how our government functions, including there being rewards for high quality work as well as consequences for poor quality work. 

We need to amend employment discrimination laws so that neither party is given an unfair advantage.  We need to insure that frivolous lawsuits cannot result in an innocent person or company does not have to spend life’s savings or a shareholder’s investment to prove their case, while a frivolous plaintiff walks away only having lost the roll of the dice. 

We need the ability to bring high quality jobs to Southwest Missouri to help not only the unemployed but also the underemployed, despite objections of some in larger metropolitan areas – in other words, we need right to work.

And, finally, we need to protect our youth and the future generations.  In this nation of a volunteer military, our youth still have the American ambition and the American spirit.  But for them to continue to push this nation to greater heights, they cannot be burdened with the bills of today’s irresponsible government spending.  That is why I am a fiscal hawk.  In addition, we need to give them the tools they need:  a quality, unbiased education at a price that will not mortgage their future.

Being your state representative is not the first step of a new career for me.  I believe in what the founding fathers wanted in a politician:  a citizen legislator.  Not carrying the burdens of a career politician, I can move forward the values held by the 136th District, and the solutions sought by the 136th District.

I am lifelong Springfieldian, a product of the R-12 school system and a graduate of Missouri State.  My family and I are proud of our city and its people, and I will do my very best, so that you, in turn, will receive the very best in government.